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I am a former marathon runner, high school French teacher, and hard-core Evangelical Bible-believin’ Christian, turned a Catholic stay-at-home mother of four littles under age 5 (twin girls, a 2-year-old boy, and their little brother born in March 2014).

When the twins were born, my husband and I were living in the 'burbs of Boston, both teaching at two different private Catholic schools.  Working full-time while our girls were infants had its challenges!  I guess I got into blogging as a type of release valve.  Although I have not posted anything new, you can find some of my old posts here.  

When we found out I was expecting baby #3, we had to re-think the sustainability of our lifestyle, and my husband landed a job at a historic boarding school in the countryside of southern Pennsylvania, where we currently raise our brood. 

So plenty has changed in my life (although I would argue that the marathon running has certainly prepared me well for daily child wrangling)!  When I am not matching endless pairs of itty bitty socks, sweeping Cheerios from all corners of the kitchen, peeling wannabe monkeys from trees and off of the top of bunkbeds, or squeezing eager listeners on my lap for a good picture book, I can be found reading my nerdy collection of stories of Catholic converts, watching cheesy TV and movies with my husband, and/or drinking our homebrewed beer.  Feel free to e-mail me if you want to connect: kimberlylync@gmail.com.  Thanks for visiting!

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