Wednesday, August 20, 2014

daily (mis)adventures vol. 2

I am writing a guest post for the blog Blissful and Domestic, and I'm realizing that I have too much material for a concise submission, so I have decided to share the spillover here.  Danielle from Blissful and Domestic is hosting a series called "A Day in the Life of Her" and she asked bloggers to simply document their day with pictures and share the ups and downs of the daily routine.  I guess I went a little crazy with the documenting, hence the spillover.  Nevertheless, there are plenty of humorous moments to share!

July 21, 2014

Mornings are early at our house, but this particular day was painfully early.  I had just snuggled the baby back to sleep at 5:00AM when I hear Gregory in his crib crying “Bus!” in between sobs.  This boy loves his toy cars.  He has named them his “Vrooms”, and he sleeps with them at night.  The missing bus is a special one he found all by himself at a gift shop at the Cape Cod Children’s Museum.  I go into his room (because I know he will not stop whining until we solve this bus issue), hand him the bus that had slipped through the slats of the crib and fallen onto the floor, and pick him up to snuggle in my bed.  I was hoping that he would fall asleep again, for at least another hour.

He was calm and quiet, and I felt myself dozing off.  Until 5:40, when the husband wakes up and gathers his things for an early morning swim.  Sigh.
I do manage to doze off briefly nestled in between my two sons until 6:30.  By this time Gregory is pulling my hand and saying “’Mon!” (Translation: Come on!)  He is pointing to his mouth, which means he has to eat!  Now!  Before I head to the kitchen, I take a moment to pause in front of the crucifix in our bedroom and pray a prayer of Morning Offering.  This prayer has become necessity for me to start the day.  No matter what this day will throw at me, good or bad, I am already offering it up to Our Lord.  In my most frustrated moments as well as my most peaceful, I remind myself of this Offering and acknowledge the moment as one that is already consecrated to God. 

Gregory and I enjoy breakfast together while I bounce Joseph on my leg and wait for the coffee to finish brewing.  I am most definitely both a coffee addict and a coffee snob.  I have discovered a fantastic product through Equal Exchange, and we buy the whole beans.  I highly recommend it.  Living by faith and good coffee!

Even though I wish it was not so early, I do appreciate any moment where I can have one-on-one time with one of my children.  They don’t get that too often.  Gregory is sweetly eating his “Cha-cho’s” (Cheerios) and naming some of the objects on the table with a darling baby accent and a hint of a lisp.  Such a cutie!

I hear something from the baby monitor and go upstairs to find Elisabeth in my bed.  She smiles even though she still has her two middle fingers in her mouth.  She has sucked those two fingers since the day she was born. 

My mother-in-law calls at 7:20 (she is driving to work) to remind us that we had left some clothes at her place when we were visiting…over 2 weeks ago.  We are still unpacking, and I haven’t noticed the missing clothes yet. 

By 8:00 Margaret is finally awake and comes down the stairs with a very cute sky blue dress and a light shrug sweater.  I praise her for getting dressed on her own and choosing such a lovely outfit, but she and I exchange a look that shows we both know the truth: she had an accident in her bed and she has soaked her pajama’s .  I make a mental note to change her sheets.

By 8:15 Joseph is already ready for his morning snooze.  It always amazes me how some babies can sleep through anything.  Joseph is comfortably resting in his swing while Gregory is imitating a dinosaur by roaring and  running back and forth from the kitchen to the living room.  The girls are loudly demanding orange juice, and pointing out that Gregory is a “si-yee” (i.e. silly) boy.  Somewhere in this craziness a child managed to sneak Baby Jaguar into Joseph's swing.  

Fortunately my husband returns from his swim and provides a very welcome distraction.  I sneak upstairs to change Margaret’s sheets and load them in the washer.  I come back down to the kitchen and observe this:

They are watching German children’s songs on YouTube with the I-Pad.  This is what you get for having two language teachers as parents!

Since the baby is napping, and the hubby seems to have things under control with the other three children, I take advantage of the time to go to his school’s track for a short workout.  Getting to exercise by myself doesn't happen all that often, so I am very grateful for the opportunity. 

By the time I head out for my workout, it is only 9:30.  Do you see what I mean when I said that I may have too much material?  

Danielle will be featuring my story (the complete day!) on her blog on August 31st.  It is an honor to be a part of her series, and I encourage you to visit her site for great homemaking tips!

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